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Bouncing Slime – Tips and Tricks

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“Bouncing Slime – Impossible Levels” will make you sweat as you guide a plump little ball of slime through an increasingly difficult series of platforms, gaps, and nasty spikes. Make a wrong move and you’ll plummet to the ground or worse, see your slimy avatar explode!
Gameplay in Bouncing Slime is extremely simple but the levels themselves are quite difficult. Your slime will move at a fixed rate through the level, so that the only thing you need to control is when to jump in order to avoid a spike obstacle or bridge or a large gap. You jump by simply tapping the screen, so this game is easy to play with just one finger. Slimes don’t have different powers–they can only jump around, and each color is only available for a set of ten levels. In order to play with all four colored slimes, you’ll need to finish every level.
Here’re some tips and tricks that may help you:

  • Time Your Jumps

Bouncing Slime takes every pixel into account and one imperfectly timed tap can mean disaster.
There’s no rule of thumb to use for when to jump. In most cases, though, waiting until the last second to jump is safer than making the leap too early.

  • Keep Looking Ahead

Levels in Bouncing Slime are totally unpredictable, it’s vital to keep a sharp eye on the right side of the screen to see what’s coming up.
Try not to get so distracted about what you’re about to see that you forget what you still need to navigate!

  • Watch for Death From Above

Though it’s easy to get scared of the spikes jutting up from the ground, a far more dangerous killer is the spike on the ceiling.
These obstacles don’t present much of a threat in the earlier levels, but as spikes become more clustered in later stages, you’ll need to time your jumps even more precisely.

  • Get Into a Rhythm

Many portions of Bouncing Slime will require you to make several jumps immediately after one another. The best way to navigate these segments is to slide into a groove and tap the screen in a regular beat.
This is a great opportunity to use all that Flappy Bird training you’ve (probably) done! And your friends said that would never be useful!

  • Know When Not to Jump

Jumping too much can get you into trouble very easily
Lots of gaps will be bridged naturally without needing a tap and you can actually fall unnecessarily by jumping. Measure the gaps carefully and only jump when you need to do so.
Take note and have fun!!!

Veronica Penzo

Click here to download the game:

Red Bit Escape

Scappa dalla noia con Red Bit Escape

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Red Bit Escape è un nuovo prodotto di redBit games che ancora una volta scala le classifiche degli Stati Uniti nell’App Store di Apple

Red Bit Escape, il nuovo gioco arcade di redBit games rilasciato qualche giorno fa per Android, è finalmente disponibile anche per iOS ed in meno di 15 ore ha raggiunto la seconda posizione nello store di iTunes per gli Stati Uniti. Bellissima grafica ed effetti sonori accattivanti per un gioco senza fine che ti aiuterà a scappare dalla noia.

Ultimamente redBit games sta lanciando molti prodotti sul mercato globale di giochi ed app per smartphone e tablet. Obbligatorio menzionare Splashy Fish e Jumpy Jack, due giochi in pixel art che sulla scia di Flappy Bird hanno conquistato il mercato. Red Bit Escape è il terzo prodotto di redBit games in meno di un mese. Colori intensi e fluorescenti per un gioco decisamente differente dalla tanto amata pixel art ma che riesce ad impressionare adulti e bambini.

Qual è l’intento di redBit games? Offrire un vasto rango di prodotti che riescano ad intrattenere chiunque. Giochi adatti ad ogni momento della giornata, per tutti i livelli e per tutti i gusti, per ogni stato d’animo e personalità. Questa è la chiave del grande successo che in pochi mesi ha portato redBit games ad essere menzionata in tantissimi giornali, riviste e show televisivi mondiali. Si tratta di un lieto fine? Assolutamente no, tantissimi giochi stanno ancora per essere lanciati!

Veronica Penzo



Red Bit Escape

Escape from boredom with Red Bit Escape

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Red Bit Escape is a new product from redBit games which, once again, reaches top position in the USA Apple App Store

Red Bit Escape, the new arcade game launched for Android a few days ago from redBit games, is finally available also for iOS devices and in less than 15 hours reached the second position in the iTunes chart in the USA. Great graphics and sounds effects for an endless game which will help you escape from boredom.

Lately redBit games is launching many products on the global app stores. Not to mention Splashy Fish and Jumpy Jack which are the two games in pixel art that have cornered the market. Red Bit Escape is the third product in less than one month for redBit games. Intense and fluorescent colors for a game that is definitely different from the popular pixel art and that want to impress adult and children.

What is redBit games intent? To offer a wide range of products that can entertain everybody. Games for every moment of the day, for all level and tastes, for every mood and personality. This is the key of the big success that in a few months brought redBit games to be mentioned in the main newspapers and tv news shows. Is this an happy end? Not at all, many new games have still to come!

Veronica Penzo