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redBit Games gathering young Italian programmers @ its own game jam

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Working in the gaming industry in Italy is a pain, and for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons (not only in Italy) is that there are many competitors out there that overflow the world market with games and other apps, making it super-difficult for every emerging game or app developer to even present his ideas, not to mention to actually develop a game or an app. In Italy, the biggest barrier to enter the gaming industry is the lack of professional companies that develop video games, therefore the lack of developers. This makes it ever more tiresome for a prospecting company to hire people who are capable to deliver. redBit games has a solution for such obstacles…

We here at redBit believe that we can slowly, but surely, break the barriers that halt our ideas and ambitions when it comes to developing games, by organizing our very own game jam. As you all know, a “Game Jam”, like a music jam session, is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of basically creating one or more games within a short span of time. Programmers, artists, game designers, and all other game development-related people are welcome to this event. In the video above, for those of you who have no idea what a game jam is, we decided to use Global Game Jam’s 2012 youtube trailer to show you the easiest walkthrough of what a session of sort is really all about.

For us in Italy, this event does not only present a gathering of such purpose. While the main purpose of our game jam is to have fun, we still want to get to know our fellow “hidden” programmers, and hopefully build something together. We believe that there are exceptional people in our own turf who have yet to show their full talent and potential in the developing world, and through this event we want to gather as many talented people as we can. This event will give prospective young/old Italian programmers the chance to meet and greet us and other fellow programmers, and share their ideas and thoughts with one another, which otherwise would’ve been impossible. This event is also an opportunity for Italian programmers to show themselves and be visible to prospective employers.

We want to organize a gathering that would open doors for both game-developing-hungry individuals and companies alike. Getting to know one another is job half-way done for both parties. That said, we want to get together with our fellow developers and leave our mark to form the best Italian game jams in the Italian Peninsula.

Just 11, Tiny Games’ newest puzzle game applauded by redBit

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We at redBit games work very hard to bring you the best, thus our goal is to always stand-out from our competitors in the market. Once a while, however, we do recognize and congratulate our fellow developers work’ if such work really hits the mark of enjoyability, simplicity and pure fun. After all, we developers aim to make your (and our) leisure time as enjoyable as possible. So, in this week’s post, we would like give a shout-out to the developers at Tiny Games’ on their newest puzzle game called “Just 11“.
Mobile puzzle games can dazzle and frustrate you at the same time. Such games need precision and skill to develop, not to mention the level of difficulty the developer is able to attach to the game aiming to challenge the strongest gamer there is out there. Just 11 is a game that tests your skills and challenges your logic, while it also keeps a simplicity that makes you grab your phone and keep on playing ‘till its time for bed.
The gameplay is super-easy: all you do is move the tiles and merge them together to add to a sum of 11. Easy, no? Not quite. The secret of this amazingly addictive puzzle game lies with the “simplicity” of the summation to just 11. The game attracts gamers of all ages with its technique, and although both kids and adults surely enjoy it, they’re driven mad when they realize that arriving at a tile that reads 11 is tougher than they thought. As such, gamers start to develop their own strategies (with tips and tricks) to beat the game, making challenges between friends and family members ever more exciting.
Tiny Games “Just 11” is exceptional when it comes to spending your leisure time playing on your phone. Since our area of expertise lies on developing simple yet utterly addictive games for our costumers, we believe that Just 11 deserves a round of applause as today’s hottest new puzzle game in the mobile game stores. Below you can find a video of the game with the download links for both Android and iOS devices, along with an article from AppsMenow that talks about the game.

You can download the game for free at the following links

redBit games welcomes new Web Marketing Manager: Simone “AKirA” Trimarchi!

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redBit games is always searching for the best professionals in Italy, even if the “gaming industry” in our country is still young. And we’re sure that we’ve found one. We were very happy and excited when we were interviewing this 36 year-old hardcore-gamer, Simone “AKirA” Trimarchi. Simone is well known in the italian gaming scene due to his success as a gamer: he was the former italian champion of the famous RTS games, Starcraft and Warcraft III. He is a journalist, a blogger, a youtuber and also a TV and events host: not so long ago he hosted the most important videogame tournaments in Italy and become one of the most recognized gamers in our country. Right now he is the “expert” of the videogame TV show “Gamerland” aired by italian television “Italia 2” and he is answering the viewer’s questions.

During the interview, we immediately noticed his deep passion for video-games. His knowledge on the subject was so profound that we immediately knew he would be the perfect person to communicate our games to the public. He was so inspired by our work and our history that he quit his old full-time job even before we formalized our working offer.

Simone joins us after a seven year experience with one of the biggest internet companies in Italy, TheBlogTV. During this period, Simone was the Project Manager. He was also in charge of Social Media Marketing for specific communities, developed for very big clients (such as Nestlé, Juventus F.C.). His knowledge in Web Marketing greatly improved by the work in his personal blog, called “Inside The Game,” in which he wrote about video-games, of course.

Here at redBit games Simone is responsible for creating and implementing online marketing strategies to increase sales and revenue for the company. His job is to maximize the technical and creative opportunities afforded by the breadth of Web-based static and social marketing in order to attract customers to the brand. This work involves the design, development, and advertising of social media content. Furthermore, Simone needs to deal with media buying, social networking and search engine optimization to maintain a client base, and also, the most important task, to seek new clients.
Simone’s job includes the development of an online marketing plan, to conduct research and utilize the most current successful marketing strategies in order to best position the brand in the marketplace. Supervising blog posts, social media posts, search engine marketing campaigns, tracking results, analyzing statistics and working with clients and with other important stakeholder with the development of a PR strategy wraps up the overload of Simone’s work here at redBit.

redBit games welcomes this highly experienced skilled professional in the company, and wishes him good luck in his mission, which is to make more and more people like and play our games!