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redBit’s Game Jam Ends On a High

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Tutti i jammers, stranamente all'aperto ;)

All the participants posing for a shot outside the redBit offices

We just passed a very intense fun-filled redBit weekend. Young Italians from all over the Italian Peninsula stopped by our offices in Rome for the very first Game Jam organized exclusively by redBit games. Our CEO Massimo could not have imagined such a turnout and excitement for this event when he came to the office one morning with the idea. The participants were so excited and hyped for the jam, that some of them even showed up early to get started. The jam ended on a very high note from all the 23 participants (max 30 people), who left our offices happy and proud with their work, begging for other events such as this one to happen more often.

The jam was set to start at 18:00 on Friday 24th of April, and end on Sunday 26th of April at 18:00. The young programmers received a warm welcome to the redBit headquarters with pizza and drinks. There were 7 teams, each team composed of 3-5 young programmers and graphic designers, who had to create a game app with the theme “Over The Edge” in 48 hours. The winner would be decided by a vote from all 7 teams, and redBit’s 4 original partners. All the teams performed very, very well.

For the duration of the jam, as well as the presentation at the end of the day on Sunday, there was a harmony inside the offices amongst everyone involved. The participants got to know the company and all its staff, and the staff was amazed of how talented the participants actually were, fueling the dogma that talented programmers in Italy exist, but they’re isolated due to the lack of events such as our jam. No wonder the comments section of the feedback sheets we provided at the end of the jam was filled with “do this more often” notes.

The 7 teams and the games they presented were as follows, listed from the winner of the jam to the team that got the least amount of votes. One of our brands is going to publish the winner app of our jam!

  1. Monkey’s Jam with Magic Carpet High Experience (5 votes)
  2. Dev Dot with Me God (2)
  3. White Monkey’s with Too Late (2)
  4. Italian Hobbos with Edge of Life (1)
  5. Celia Lab with Rolling Cat (1)
  6. Goblinka with deFedge
  7. Unknown with Ultra Turbo
We are proud to say that we’re the very first mobile game developer start-up to organize a game jam inside our own offices, where the staff members willingly gave up their time, their daily-seats and space of the office to accomodate young programmers for an event that will be remembered by us all. An 86% of 5 stars on our feedback sheets of the Game Jam from all people involved tells us we really hit home run on our first swing!
For those of you who know italian, follow this link for the complete extensive coverage of our Game Jam.

Cookie Domination – We’re proud to present a “whole ‘nother level” of the Cookie Clicker madness

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Last week we posted a question on Facebook asking our fans which one of our games they liked the most. The majority of the responses pointed to our most famous clicker game, and we were hardly surprised. Our single-player clicking frenzy took the mobile game stores by storm, and its number are still running high today. There are about 4 million active users in March 2015, an increase of about 8% from February. A game that only requires to click, endlessly, Cookie Clickers has been a fan favorite from day one. People at home, school, work, bathroom, before going to bed, riding their bus to Lala land, flying over to see their grandma on the weekends, couldn’t stop clicking on the cookie that baked in the billions.

In Cookie Clickers people were competing with one another on who would “bake” the highest amount of cookies; and the only brags’ about who’s better on the game were limited down to the number of cookies baked and the CPS (how many cookies you could bake per second). That was it. But now, ladies and gentleman, the clicker madness is about to reach a whole ‘nother level with Cookie Domination.

Our developers were on their way to Dublin to attend Google’s 2015 Think App event when the idea to create a new game revamping the Cookie Clicker phenomenon was born. Massimo, Francesco and Giordano were on the plane when they brought along the idea that the galaxy should be dominated by cookies. 

Have you ever wanted to challenge your annoying friend who always bragged on Cookie Clickers? Have you ever wanted to create a challenge among friends on who’s better (faster) at baking cookies? Have you ever wanted to challenge the top leaderboard user saying “I can beat that guy, if only there was a way”, and at the same time see his/her score live while you click? All of these possibilities, including badges, trophies, and more, will be available on redBit’s newest, real-time multiplayer cookie experience called Cookie Domination.

We must remind you that Cookie Domination is not an update to the original Cookie Clickers game. The game will be available for both iOS and Android devices when it comes out, the date to be released soon.

Stay tuned for a new trailer coming out, be the first to witness the wrath of cookie baking take over the galaxy!