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Working to become Nr. 01 – new free puzzle game by Buffalo Bit

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redBit games is very happy to develop its own games and ideas. Crafting virtual worlds where people have fun and relax is our goal and happiness. However, we are a also publisher, and sometimes it is better to let others give us their ideas and then work together to make them real than to keep the ideas in the drawer. This is the case of Nr. 01, the new puzzle game by Buffalo Bit, already “on the shelves” of App Stores and Google Play Store. When these two young developers came to us with their idea, we were really excited to bring their game to life. It’s a simple puzzle game (totally free), where you have to move the balls with numbers on them one onto another: when all the numbers become one, you win. If you leave a single ball with the value of one floating around with other numbers, you lose. Maybe a video is better than a thousand words to explain this:

Our role as a publisher is to discover talents around Italy and help them develop. We are not a talent show, of course, so, we are not interested in dancers or singers: we are looking for creative talent in making the best videogames out there. Italy is really full of talented developers but, unfortunately, they are kicked out of the market. When you have an idea for a game, you spend days, weeks or even months developing it and you think you did a good job. However, a good work does not guarantee you anything: it is such a pity to see it getting zero downloads in the stores. The problem is that every single day, almost every hour, a new game is released, and it’s very difficult to emerge without the power to communicate to the world how good your work is.

redBit has this power. Being strong with our 3 million of active users we can launch an app and get it the success it deserves: when you got an initial push, you can really dream of your game to gain momentum and become viral.

And this is what we dream of Nr. 01, because it is an original and astonishing puzzle game that speaks passion in every (Buffalo) bit. Now it’s up to you our players and fans: just download it (it’s free) and make it the number one app in the stores.

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The “Cookie Domination + Beta Testing” Experiment

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redBit games is a young enterprise. Two years of existence of which, the first, was merely a preparation for becoming a solid company with only four people. Now we’ve got 20 employees and counting, who are working on our dreams, developing exceptional video games. This time around, we’re trying to do something that we have never done before, piece by piece. 
Cookie Domination is upon us. The game is in its review process, and we’re literally hours away to delivering it to the public. I would like to spend the next article to explain to you why you are not playing it right now and why, it could be possible, you won’t play it at all smile emoticon. Stay calm, just keep reading.

This type of game is something totally new for us, basically an experiment. We heard you on Facebook, we heard the echo of your love for Cookie Clickers, and so we wanted to develop a real-time multiplayer based on our clicker frenzy. Since we don’t know how this game is going to flow, as you can imagine, we need your help to test it. We can’t test it only within the office because we’re only a few people. To make it enjoyable, we need at least 300 of you. It’s our first multiplayer game so far, and only you can help us make it a huge success.

As for Cookie Domination itself, this is the first time we are holding a public (closed) Beta Testing program. We are very excited for this occasion since its our first time (I’m sure we will repeat this in the near future for our upcoming *big* games in development). An experiment within an experiment: the first Beta Testing period for potentially the best most addicting game on the planet.

Help us create the perfect game. Is there something you really like and want to see it perform better? Is there something you don’t like, or probably don’t understand? Is the text within the game clear? Is there anything that you want us to improve? These are just some of the questions you might want to give us feedback on.We are looking forward for your passionate, constructive comments, and I’m sure we will not regret having some of you guys try the app before its official release on the store. Actually we are very proud of this. If the amount of negative comments we receive surpass a certain threshold, we might postpone the entire project, or maybe cut the whole thing entirely.

Our mission is to deliver high quality games to our community, and if the community tells us that we’re going in the wrong direction, we’re always ready to go back to the blackboard and start all over. But, thanks to you, and the amount of attention we’ve received so far, we’re positive that the final picture of Cookie Domination will be awesome!