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New iOS and Android Games – Development In Progress #1

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redBit games office never sleeps… Many of our developers prefer to arrive late and work late into the night. Some of them are night owls or drank too much last night, but most want to maintain the aura of secrecy around the new games that they’re developing. We managed to sneak behind the screens and to bring you the news about the three important projects!


100 Levels is a project that is done by an indie developer. This time, however, he has worked with us for years and has already become a part of redBit family. He always gets brilliant ideas for the games, and works day and night to bring them to life. His name is Daniele Bianchini, the “head” of Looky Games: in the Tiny Games catalogue you can find a lot of his past works. One of them is getting a major attention from the public and we’d like to suggest you to download and try it; it’s called Galaxy Wars (download its iOS or Android version). Going back to his current project, 100 Levels, we’re talking about an intensive skill game where you need to help the dot come home by leading it through 100 increasingly difficult levels with deadly obstacles. Are some of the levels in the game way too difficult? Maybe yes. Let me tell you a story: our developer Giordano once almost broke his smartphone trying to pass the level 66 and he didn’t even want to publish the game anymore! However, we convinced him that you all need to experience this impossibly difficult game… However, don’t say we didn’t warn you 🙂


Silver medal of today, Splashy Fish update! Finally, we got close to the sneakiest of our developers, Roberto, who was testing the latest update of Splashy Fish (we shared this moment on Facebook). This update brings a brand new mission mode. Believe us when we say that it’s like a little revolution in the fish worldб where only the bravest could sit on the throne every single day. Every day you can experience a new level that is randomly generated. If you manage to survive it, you will be able to play the next one the day after, and only a real hero can claim the prize. Regarding the prizes, we have wonderful new skins and other trophies for you. From the image you can guess why we used the word “hero” before, and what we’re talking about. The game might have something else new inside, but Roberto got angry that we spied on him… so we cannot wait for the update release to download and try out the new version ourselves!

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Last but not least, Magic Carpet High Experience. Developed by MonkeysJam (Francesco, another Francesco, Enrico, Pietro and Eugenio) who met for the first time at the Annual redBit Game Jam this April. They arrive to work in our office almost every day, and we are amazed at their dedication to this casual, yet sophisticated game. One “bad” cookie, one carpet and so many characters that we can’t describe them all, will crush in a mayhem of bad habits and style: help the protagonist (you will be able to choose your favorite between very recognizable movie “heroes”) to save his brain or… just watch the consequences of living a high experience.  The developers really put their souls into the game by working really hard to make the game perfect to release on iOS and Google Play stores. Here at redBit we help them as much as we can as facilitators, but ultimately it is you, the users, who decide how the game is going to turn out… We can tell you one thing – we like the game a lot!

After we played spies the whole day, the developers cornered us and warned that there will be no one writing in this blog if we continue leaking the news to you, our players!.. So for now this is everything we got. We got to lay low for a while… However, this is the first and definitely not the last Development In Progress post: you know that we’ll do everything for you, so we hope to remain alive talk to you again soon. Stay tuned!

Cookie Domination Project Update

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First things first: after almost one month of beta testing, Cookie Domination is still not ready to be published.

We know this is a sad announcement, but let’s put the tears aside; we are working full force to make the game the best real-time clicker multiplayer ever!

This is the story: we had an idea about a game (clicker, multiplayer); we developed it in one month and showed you some of our early work. The attention to Cookie Domination was HUGE, and we really appreciated that. We have tried to finish the development fast, and we reached a point when we believed we had a good version. As you know, we opened a beta testing program, and we managed to obtain almost 1000 players testing the game. We asked for feedback and got around 100 e-mails + a huge number of Facebook messages.

We would like to share with you the highlights from the feedback that we received most often: “The game is awesome but…” – “…it needs a shop”, “…battle mode should be shorter and better”, “…it lacks a spectator mode”, “it lacks trophies” and so on.

This was the moment when we had to decide what to do next.

Our first thought was to add just some of these features you requested and release the game soon after the beta testing program. That’s why we intended to release the game in few weeks.

However, after a long discussion, we realized that proceeding like that means having our vision just partially fulfilled, because making the best game requires time and effort, a lot of effort. Making a shop in one week is not simple; creating a better battle mode is not simple as well. To release the game now would have meant to have some issues fixed by a “patch” and developing features on the go.

That’s not how we here at redBit games work!

While we firmly believe in the game, we are sure that without spending a lot of time on the new features and fixes we won’t make you as happy as we want you to be. Right now, Cookie Domination is a good game. What we want and strive to achieve is for it to become the BEST game.

That said, we are going to spend the summer developing the game. While most of you guys will be on holidays relaxing and (hopefully) enjoying the beach, we will be working to deliver you a Cookie Domination version that doesn’t have any unfinished work inside. Please give us time, you will be happy about that. While we cannot announce a release date, what you have to be sure about is that our team is working very hard to create a game that is not just “good” or “satisfying”, but that will be rocking the whole clicker world!