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Haunted Manor series turns three years old, join the celebration with 66% discount!

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We always get emotional when we think about the Haunted Manor series. Without the first Haunted Manor we wouldn’t be writing this post on the company’s website; we wouldn’t have 780 000 people following us, 3 million people playing our games every month… So, in a way redBit games was born in the shadow of a big abandoned house, full of ghosts and mystery. The first game in the series was like a spark that ignited the fire of bravery in us after the game had incredible results in the App Store in Italy. This was when we decided to start a company. In fact, throwing away the security of the past to become an entrepreneur with no guarantee of success and income is not a decision that one takes lightly. However, the success of Haunted Manor was a sign we couldn’t ignore.


Francesco, Gabriele and Massimo at the moment redBit games was founded

We were only three people when we started, and we worked day and night to bring Haunted Manor to life (better say to death…). It was three years ago, and thanks to the game’s success we are now a company of 20!

July 17th will be the third birthday of the very first Haunted Manor: The Secret of Lost Soul. We thought this is a perfect time to make a present our first “son” (yeah, sometimes you perceive the apps as your children…). And what could be the best gift to the app that took so much effort to make? More people playing the game! More passionate players that see how much dedication and love can be behind a product, a term that usually indicates something without a soul. In the case of Haunted Manor, the soul is just lost… or hidden, and you have to find it!

We are announcing THE BIGGEST DISCOUNT in the history of Haunted Manor, 66% OFF, to celebrate this important moment together with you! Of course, we will discount the other games in the series, Haunted Manor 2 Horror Behind the Mystery and Haunted Manor HD, even if they were “born” on a different date: usually little kids benefit from their siblings’ birthdays, don’t they?

If you don’t have Haunted Manor 1 or 2 yet, keep an eye on the App Store (and the calendar): from July 17th to July 19th you will find our most beautiful and thrilling game at an incredible price, just 99 cents! We will wait for you inside the manors… and, if you have any questions or you cannot solve a puzzle, just like the official Haunted Manor Facebook Page and feel free to ask!