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The making of Spotty & Friends – Playground and the birth of redBit KIDZ

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Here we are! After the introduction in our social channels we came back to our blog to tell what the redBit KIDZ staff did and it’s going to do.

First things first: Spotty & Friends, Playground, is finally out in the App Store and Android Play Store. It’s our first product of our new brand “redBit KIDZ” and, let me tell you, we’re proud of it and proud of the people who created it.

The team was formed inside redBit games that was involved with Kids app world: Monica did the design of the entire product and she’s managing it, Antonella and Gabriele did the graphics, Antonio developed the game, Daniele did the animations, and Simone, Flavia and Stanislav were involved to take care of Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Everything began on the February 4th, 2015, the day when we began to think about developing an app dedicated to toddlers, asking ourselves from the beginning how to improve the relationship between kids and technology to make it more educational and satisfying.

The market of KidsApps is growing really fast but the apps and games are not always high quality products. First of all, we wanted to create a game that was safe for children to play. No ads, no connections with social networks or traps to make in-app purchases. Furthermore, our game should have had a great care for details, something that makes parents sure that their kids can play it alone or join them to have an educational experience together.


Our principal aim is to come close to families and make them appreciate the great educational potential of technology, debunking the belief that smartphones and tablets are bad tools in the hand of the smallest.

At that point, we were done with thinking, so we had to start developing. And we desperately needed a protagonist. Someone that could be child-friendly and recognizable at first sight. Who can do the job better than our mascotte Spotty? Of course we needed a “baby” Spotty and of course he needed some playful friends! And here they come: Pierce, a creative and playful piggy; Becky, the sweetest birdie in the world; Dan, loyal and nerdy dog; Katy, haughty but very altruistic cat. Spotty and Friends begin a new adventure: it will take them from the countryside to the sea, and then to the top of the mountains playing some puzzles, music, shapes and colors. 

Even if in the beginning we had some hard times in identifying ourselves with smallest kids, and this led to some doubts regarding the best way to create an App that can be really fun and educational, the spark of the project was kept with our enthusiasm and will to create something really interesting and stimulating.

Thinking about every face expression of our little bunny, depending on each situation he would encounter in the game, was most creative and fun part to work on, the one that let us to come back to our childhood and see the world with the children eyes. We had great fun in finding the right design of the characters of our “story”: this stage was really important to engage the users and the characters and create a strong link between them, remembering real friendship, the one that survives all our flaws.

The world of Spotty & Friends – Playground, anyway, is not only comprised of him and his friends, but also of lots of funny animals that will make toddlers and kids laugh with curious animations (and we ourselves are wondering, which are the future protagonists of the other stories we are going to tell).

It was a fantastic journey and, thanks to the difficulties we had to come across, it helped us to develop new competences that let us grow professionally and as people.

We hope you will enjoy our work and let us know if you will be as enthusiastic as we are!

Thanks for reading, time for playing!