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What’s brewing? Tap Galaxy, Hit That Color, Zombuster for iOS and Android

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When we got back to our office chairs after holidays in the first week of September, the “hot” season of redBit games and our little sister Tiny Games was already in the books. We published so many titles and updates that it seemed impossible for a company of only 20 people to have a burst like that in summer time. We released 100 LevelsMagic Carpet High Experience, Amazeness, Spotty and Friends – PlaygroundCookie Clickers update and Splashy Fish update (as we written in Development in Progress for iOS and Android). We were sure that an overbooking of games like the one we got between June and August was just unique, and it couldn’t be possible to have it again in the months to come. We didn’t have any “small” projects in development and no plans of coming up with updates of any sort. The plan of my office chair couldn’t be more simple the first of September: enjoy what you did and just relax! 🙂

Not at redBit games. Not at all!

The best has yet to come. At the moment, beside our “Big three” (three very big projects that we can’t talk about at the moment), we’re releasing two brand new games and several updates. This article is written to inform you, redBit lovers, about what we’re doing right now. Let’s go:

Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine

At the beginning of September a new developer and a new graphic designer joined our team. Their names are Federico Pauzano and Francesco Segala respectively. They weren’t “new people” for redBit, we met them before. Where? At our first Game Jam of course: they came, they had fun, they sent us their resumes and that’s how you get a job! And when the job is developing videogames… things get really serious. Based on the idea of Daniele Mascagna (one of our graphic designers who is the game designer of Tap Galaxy), the game is a space clicker where you have to mine resources in planets, use them to travel to new colonies, mine them too and watch your home planet growing bigger and bigger.  When we first posted some information about this game on our Facebook page, you guys were very happy to see redBit games coming back to the genre that made us famous: we really appreciate your love and passion for clickers and I can assure that this game is waaaay better than the other clickers on the market. We’re finishing the game in the next two weeks so be prepared to click, click, click, and click…

We designed some promotional material for the game that reminds of famous space movies. Francesco Segala is the author of this two pearls so a big applause goes to him! Plz click on the images below to open them and see the animation.



Hit That Color

The guys at Buffalo Bit (we talked with them when we asked: “Why choosing redBit games as a publisher” ) would like to take a pause from numbers. We’re waiting for nr. 03 as much as you guys do, but they are not in the mood for more pluses and minuses. They used their time to develop a new simple casual game called “Hit That Color“: you have a ball and an octagon with colors, and you have to hit the right color again and again and again. It’s a game that all people will understand in just a second, and most of them won’t stop playing after half an hour. Really, this game can make you play for hours trying to beat your high score even without recognizing it. Hit That Color is scheduled to be released this week so you will be playing it very soon!


Zombuster Update

After what we did with the “Zombuster effect” (How to create a trend in a saturated mobile game market), we can’t leave this game alone because it’s performing very well in the stores for iOS and Android. Marzia Pie and PewDiePie are the celebrities that liked and tried out our game, but the celebrities that you will find inside the new Zombuster update that we’re about to release are REAAAALLLY badass! 😉 As you know, we already published an update, where we added some new characters to the zombie killer game. Now it’s time to unveil Ash from the Evil Dead and Furiosa from Mad-Max Fury Road as the new defenders of humanity from the Zombie Apocalypse. Ready to kick some decayed brains?


Ash from the evil dead is so badass!

Ash from the evil dead is so badass!

Halloween skins

Oh yes, we were about to forget that. Halloween is very near and we’re ready to scare you! Do you love Splashy Fish and Cookie Clickers? This week you will have a surprise in your icon and in your game. Halloween skins are coming and they are so cute that I can’t even describe them well! See them for yourselves with these screenshots and start to love them 🙂 Speaking about pumpkins, you will see this shape also in another game by Tiny Games: 100 Levels looked just perfect for it!



IMG_2914As you may notice we’re working in full force to make you guys happy! So just relax and enojy our apps… something that we’re not going to do for a looong time.

If you got any suggestions, feedback or just a question feel free to contact us with our Contact Form