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Cookie Clickers and Splashy Fish official merchandise (t-shirt, mug, gadgets)

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When we wake up every morning, what’s the first thing we do? For some of us it is breakfast (“I can’t wake up without my coffee”), for others it is taking a shower “without the feeling of water on my skin I can’t go outside”) and so on. In addition to the FIRST thing you do in the morning, there’s another thing you have to do: dressing yourself. Okay, don’t take this literally: if you don’t plan to go anywhere, you can leave your pijamas on and trap yourself inside your house with a good book/movie/videogame. That said, usually, people get dressed, they really do.

Wearing something you like is important for everyone. Nobody wants to be ugly and, more importantly, nobody wants to wear something he doesn’t like or share (errr not speaking of social media here 😉 ). Sometimes, a great clothing brand is what people look for, because wearing it means something for others. Honestly, we don’t agree with this vision. We aren’t against any form of fashion, let’s clarify that, but we rather think that people wear clothes that they like for themselves, because they mean something to them, not for others! That’s why we wear a political t-shirt, a band’s t-shirt, a movie’s t-shirt or a videogame t-shirt.

Recently wearing a videogame tee has become more and more common. In the past it was something very niche: it was impossible to spot someone with a Bioshock t-shirt or some other videogame IP merchandise, even if it was a AAA one. Now the videogame people are emerging as a real community as skaters were in the 90s or punks in the 80s. We call ourselves gamers, don’t we? And we really love to wear our idols, our passion, our symbols.

Following this way of thinking we decided to create our own merchandise shop to make possible for all you Cookie Clickers fan out there to wear something you believe in… and we’re talking about believing in a Cookie! 🙂 Ok, that’s too much maybe, just kidding, but you got the point. What we’re telling anyway is real: we’re not going to earn any money from the t-shirts that you will find in our shop. Our aim is just one: giving you guys something “more than a videogame”. You asked for it, we are trying to deliver.


To tell the truth we’ve got a lot of surprises incoming for you in the next weeks/months. T-shirts was just the first of a great series of big announcements that we’re planning to do in the near future. We know that the shop is something that you can’t literally “play” but we’re sure that wearing a Splashy Fish‘s t-shirt can make you happy just as the release of our most wanted title of all times can do so (errr, I’m speaking about Cookie Domination that, for reference, doesn’t really have a release date at the moment). Look at us, marketing team, with the our brand new t-shirts and smiles (not all of us, indeed 😉 ): wearing our brand on our skin was really exciting as we hope it can be for you guys.

Speaking about how to build a merchandise shop (for all the marketers out there), we “partner” with the greatest apparel site in the world, Spreadshirt! Famous brands like Dr.Pepper or Nissan used Spreadshirt to deliver their apparel to their fans. Building a shop on this famous site is fast and simple, and you can use your own custom style (CSS) or even use API to make people shop without leaving your own site. However, the best thing about using Spreadshirt is their customer service: we’re speaking about a company that is selling apparel on the internet for years! If you, the client, got a problem with one of our t-shirts it will be Spreadshirt who solves it with the help of their professionals. We are sure that you and your future Cookie Clicker t-shirt are in good hands.

So keep checking our merchandise site ( ) often because we’re planning to release a lot of new products every month. Even if we’re not going to sell any of this t-shirts, it is so fun to create sentences and style for the apparel, that we’re not going to stop anyway!