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New mobile game rumors! An interview with CEO of redBit games

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Every mobile game producer sooner or later has to face the biggest challenge: finding its own space in a crowded marketplace and growing by trying to make quality and creative mobile games. It’s not always possible and definitely not easy, because the quality standards are as high as ever. What is more, it is very difficult to get visibility and really expensive to acquire users and keep them active and interested.

Our new game, still in development, stems from the two-fold aim: to satisfy the many requests of our users to create a match-three game, and to create something new and unique by enriching that standard gameplay with completely original features.

The game will be released soon under redBit games brand, and it will be a sweet and yummy match-three game intended to meet the needs of those who usually enjoy this type of gameplay, but expect to play a new one of a kind.

To find out more, we asked the CEO of redBit games, Massimo Guareschi, to tell us how the game idea was born, how the development is progressing and what we can expect from the release of the game.

Why have you decided to develop a new match-three mobile game?

We all have a passion for this specific gameplay, getting back to the first Bejeweled in 2001 when we started to play this game genre, and we always had the desire to create something unique. In addition to this, we’ve received many emails from our users asking for a match-three game branded “redBit games”, and these requests arrived together with very good ideas. These facts encouraged us to start the development of the game.

What aspect have you considered the most important while developing the game?

How the game looks and the feel of the story were definitely two of the most important factors: we wanted the game to be enjoyable from the very first moment. But what we focused on even more has been the right balance between different elements and levels of difficulty. Making gameplay neither too easy nor too difficult for users of all kinds was the biggest challenge because it can determine the success of a game. We believe we have done a good job.

How many levels is the game made up of?

The first version will have 120 levels and 10 different game modes. We have tried to give more alternatives than similar mobile games on the market. The goal was to make each level different and surprise the player from level to level.

What is the expected date of release?

The game is in the final stage of development. A very important phase of beta testing will follow soon. Depending on how long this will last, we will establish the release date, the earliest being the end of April.

What stands out from the other similar games on the market?

We studied many other games of our competitors, and we realized that the most popular products are almost identical. There are few innovations in the genre, and people are beginning to get tired of match-three games not adding anything new. With our gameplay we bring a breath of renewal among the match-three games, with cool and colourful graphics, lots of new rules and game modes. Following updates will unveil even more features and game modes. Obviously all these changes will be gradually proposed, to let the player absorb and get used to all new rules, with the end goal of enjoying different game modes.

What were the major challenges you faced during the development?

A match-three game seems to have a simple gameplay, but in terms of development it is not simple at all. The development process hides many pitfalls and an incredible number of rules to consider to make all elements interact in the boards. Thinking of them all, implementing them and testing them was the biggest challenge. We are confident that users will appreciate the great work we have done to make our match-three mobile game as fast, fluid and dynamic as possible.

What else apart from the gameplay you mostly focused on during the development?

The thing we put the most effort into was to adapt the game to all devices, operating systems (iOS and Android) and to all graphic formats. The extra effort was needed to make the game available in both landscape and portrait orientations to let the player decide how to hold the device according to his/her needs and different playing conditions (i.e. on the bus or at home).

Anything you would like to add?

There is a lot of work behind it, really a lot! But we assure you that it was worth it, and that when you’ll start playing, you won’t be able to stop. The game is lots of fun!

Thank you very much!

Thank you and keep enjoying our mobile games!

new redbit games mobile game screenshot

A gameplay screenshot of our new mobile game

We are looking forward to learn the release date of the game on the App Stores (it will be available for free both on iOS and Android), so stay tuned for another sneak peek and latest news about development.

Thank you for reading! If you have any thoughts about the game, please share them with us in the comments!