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New mobile game rumors: post-apocalyptic car chasing game now on iOS and Android!

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A new car chasing game adventure now available for free on your devices.

An abandoned world to explore, amazing graphics and car physics to play in a complete new manner!

We asked its creator why you should play it.

Our new game is an endless runner car chasing game, titled “Fury Roads Survivor”. In an abandoned world, you have to outrun enemies in your post-apocalyptic modified vehicle with no brakes, steering the best you can to escape from them chasing after you to kill you, and avoiding obstacles and explosive tanks. While escaping, you’ll have to look for oil as that is the only resource you need to survive.
Smashy Road: Wanted” is the game of reference for this game, both for its gameplay and its business model. But where the former sticks to the basics of graphics and physics, the latter is more polished and refined, offering a really high quality graphic design and a lot of new items to unlock, to make endless combinations of vehicles and gears and to find the perfect car setup.
In “Fury Roads Survivor” new vehicles are unlocked using in-game currency, and are randomly selected for you much like new characters in “Crossy Road”.

We’ve asked the creator of the game, Daniele Azara, Head of games at Megalomania, to give us some insights about game development, features and future steps.

Present yourself: what has been your role in the development team?

I’ve been working for almost twenty years in the gaming sector, mostly as a game designer, executive producer and game director. Now I’m Head of games at Megalomania, a small indiedev team where everyone has got more than one role. Mine is defining the product from the idea to its delivery. My business card says “Head of games”, but just because “Evil genius” was already taken.

What’s the game about?

Fury Roads Survivor is a mobile game in which the player must survive to fierce car chases, in a desert world devastated by the apocalypse. At your disposal are a lot of vehicles – from the classic Mad Max Interceptor to the ones powered by the aeronautical turbine engines – and the possibility to customize them with many types of gears, including armors, machine guns and electromagnetic pulses. The gameplay is immediate and every game session is a unique adventure, fast and unpredictable. We like to say that the game is very simple but, at the same time, intense and profound.

How was the idea of this kind of game design born, and how did you decide to organize the development team?

We’ve been looking at the business model of “Crossy Road” for some time: we wanted to do something similar, something that the player could enjoy without having to pay any money to play the game. Then “Smashy Road: Wanted” came out, proposing the same business model we liked so much. It was perfect, for its immediacy and high engagement potential. We quickly connected all the dots. Being great fans of the post-apocalyptic themed movies of ‘80s, we thought that combining all these elements would have produced a zany mobile game. That’s how the idea was born.

Tell us more about what kind of obstacles did you have to overcome? What things did you have to change in order to make the development easier?

Product strengths are the voxel graphics, the real free-to-play business model, the “80’s soul”, vehicles customization with gears and the use of physics to have upward mobility. We speculated on every aspect of the game with these tenets in mind. Obviously, nothing comes out as expected, so we had had to adapt often and change some things that were initially assumed.
The voxel graphics is intriguing and stylish, but it works only within specific distance limits, beyond which it becomes no longer legible. Managing the texture and the camera has been challenging, as well as creating strong visual effects.
The free-to-play business model meets our philosophy, but it requires a great effort in terms of creating a vast fleet of vehicles and equipment. Our vehicles are all radically different from each other. We hoped to get away with a few changes in the parameters, but the work was colossal: we couldn’t settle for less.
The “soul of 80’s” works for a certain type of audience, but must be discounted for the young, so most of the ideas and quotes the game is full of have been replaced by more current counterparts.
Physics was the least manageable aspect. The reason why products as “Smashy Road: Wanted” prevented the car off the ground was suddenly clear: it’s very difficult to achieve a high quality level. We haven’t given up and, in the end, we transformed limits into opportunities. So now “Fury Roads Survivor” supports ramps, jumps and different vehicles’ drivability.

You have developed overall game design. What makes it different from competitors and how?

Fury Roads Survivor is the result of a “re-mediation process” (cit. Matteo Bittanti), meaning that we merged different elements to get the result that interested us the most. We started from a classic post-apocalyptic scenario, we created a very simple gameplay and used a business model able to satisfy both hard spenders and users who do not want to spend any money. The design points having required great attention have been, in particular, the fine tuning of vehicles and accessories, the levels and the monetization system, which is a fundamental part of user experience. We wanted the player to be satisfied by the experience and wanted him to keep playing to broaden its vehicles and accessories fleet. And I think we did it well.
Looking back at the experience you gained making this game, how will you face next projects? Do you believe that something will change in the way you’ll design games in the future?

Each product has got its own story. During these twenty years, I got a very complete idea of game design processes and Fury Road Survivor has confirmed it. We have been able to put the player first by working on a dedicated business model, and this base has allowed us to concentrate on content, which is our principal goal. We will face the next projects keeping this in mind: players always come first.

What are the next steps in game development? Are you thinking of adding new features? What are the Studio development plans?

We are already working on a large number of updates, adding new vehicles and new accessories that I could define “exotic”. We have plans to create new game modes and contents as well, but this will depend on market outcomes. Apart from “Fury Roads Survivor”, the Studio is working on other products for the mobile market. News will be coming soon!

On which platforms will Fury Roads Survivor be available?

Both on iOS and Android. We are considering to arrive on console too.

What is the best way to stay updated about game development and your future plans?

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Thank you and play “Fury Roads Survivor”!


Download the game now at following links! It’s free and endless fun 🙂



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