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Pocket Rush and Cookie Clickers 2: climbing the charts!

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Here we are, after months of inactivity we come back to our blog to tell you what happened in a single post. Can we sum up all of our adventures? We hope so, even if it’s an hard challenge considering the big amount of news that we’d like to tell you!

You already know by yourselves that in this months a lot of new games were published, titles in which we totally believe and that involved almost all people here in redBit games.

Let’s go by step.

First of all we’d like talking about Pocket Rush, our first big (and obviously super fun!) racing game. After all the efforts we put into the game, Pocket Rush was out 28th of September this year and immediately give us huge satisfactions. The press was enthusiastic: articles and reviews were many and ultra positive (check by yourselves, searching on Google). Graphics is one of the pillars of the game even if the gameplay itself is what drove the people into it. What began like a simple experiment from a brainstorming during a meeting has become one of the biggest satisfaction in the studio’s history. Pocket Rush was first in the iOS racing game charts in 18 countries, many of which were very important like UK and Russia. Furthermore we hit number 1 of arcade games in 3 countries! That was nuts! Pocket Rush has officially become one of our best achievement so far and we’re very proud of that.

Beside this fantastic racing game we had some other things to do in these last months… don’t you know that? Yes you know, you perfectly know what I’m talking about: Cookie Clickers!!! Whoops, sorry. We should say COOKIE CLICKERS 2! Let’s get to the results of our sweetest game so far.

With Cookie Clickers 2 we decided to take our first, famous, chapter (almost 2o million downloads in almost 3 years) and adding a brand new graphic, achievements, new power-ups and upgrades keeping the original feeling of the game still intact. In a new map full of chocolate and sugar you can see your and your friends’ progress to start a “race of cookies”, furthermore you have the Time Machine to speed up your production and the Lucky Spin that is used to… test your luck! And these are just some of the new features that we included and with the months to come we’re planning to give the game a lot of updates. All the hype was worth the waiting and your fantastic feedback really fill our hearts with joy. For real!

That said, we didn’t disappear from our blog just for creating games (something that take almost all working time here in redBit) but also to answer the countless mails, private messages and reviews that… we LOVE! Saying that this support is a great satisfaction for us all is reductive. We know that there are lot of things that we like to improve but… Ehi! You know that you have to help us, don’t you? Many of you are giving us important feedbacks and advices and we never get tired of pushing you to do the same. Whatever you want to say to us, say it! Every doubt/advice/like/critics.
You guys are our favorite pastry chefs, the fuel that gives a push to our motors!

But we’re happy not only for the games developed by us under redBit games label but even for Tiny games, our brand that is publishing games from indie developers. If you didn’t try yet, some months ago we published Fury Roads Survivor, by an Italian team named Megalomania, a reckless post apocalyptic racing game (if you didn’t notice we’re very involved in the genre lately…). The game was, and is right now, a very big success and has gone viral: top 5 racing game in 28 countries (always on Apple App Store) and top 10 arcade game in 18 countries!

What else to say? THANKS for the support you are giving us, for your patience and for the constant presence and will to suggest us new things!

From now on we promise we will get in touch with you in this blog with more updates. By the way: we’ll see each other right here next week!