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That Table Games: from a shared table to an indie game company

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Time Bomb Race has just got a new update that adds a special “far far planet” and a “moon shaped moon” tracks. While you’re having fun with the game, we would like to tell you the story behind That Table Games team, the guys that developed the latest game published by Tiny Games. Here they are in a beautiful picture.


Which are the ingredients to “bake” a successful indie game development team?

This is one of the unsolved questions that once in a lifetime every developer asks himself in his career.

Today we’d like to talk about a team that is working real good, without having the ambition of answering this tedious question. We introduce That Table Games, a group of 5 people, developers and designers, that we’re really attached to. They met for the first time here, at our tables. They all have different working background but a common passion: videogames!

How did they meet here without being employees of our company? Simple: redBit games’ door is always open to new indie devs that are in their first steps in the gaming industry. We offer them table, space, coffee and advice even if they don’t want to publish any game with us. That Table Games people used our office as a co-working space but, after a lunch together and a good old-fashioned chatting about console videogames, they decided to bring their forces together and start a team project.

That game, hopefully just the first of a long series, is Time Bomb Race, and the result was astonishing. The game was featured in the Apple App Store in more than 100 countries and received mostly positive reviews. Kudos!

Now it’s time to introduce you That Table Games members, from left to right in the picture above:

  • Federico Pauzano: his passions are videogames and beer (and he’s not only an expert in drinking it… he’s also a home brewer) and game developing, of course. He’s young, and he’s living his first working experience in the videogame industry with us. In the past he worked on games like Tap Galaxy and Catch The Bus.
  • Daniele Bianchini: we talked about him in another post (he reached one million users all by himself). He is an expert in this industry, talented developer that published a lot of games with Tiny Games in the past. He is like the big brother of That Table Games and the mentor: with a past as teacher in game developing and design he’s the perfect supervisor for his teammates.
  • Andrea Valesini: his nickname here in the office is “Bella Vita” that means “Beautiful Life” (you can understand alone why…), he’s a graphic designer and visual artist. He published several games with redBit and Tiny Games such as Nr.01, Into The White, Push, Nr.02. He’s absolutely a column in the temple of That Table Games.
  • Luca De Simone: high quality nerd, Pokémon addicted and Nintendo DS carrier, he is young as well and at the first working experience. He started working in redBit games for his degree thanks to a university internship opportunity. After his degree he really liked our company and decided to continue to occupy some chairs in the office. Thanks to this chair he met the other guys at “that” table, good for him!
  • Francesco Segala: he took part and won the one and only game jam we held in our offices with “Magic Carpet High Experience“: he is an expert designer of pixel-art and a wonderful visual artist. Everyone here knows him for his inseparable pencil and notebook where he sketches everything he could think of, from super heroes to Star Wars characters. Follow him on Twitter, a lot of art is awaiting you there.

Thanks to Francesco’s pencil we can show you guys this wonderful piece of art: That Table Games team in a nutshell!


As anticipated the first game of this team is a good success: it was released on 9th of November and got some good attention in the “New games we love” feature of the App Store. Now they released a new update with some new cars and tracks. Time Bomb Race is simple but yet deep game: try it, you won’t regret it.

Time Bomb Race featu

The idea was to create a game with a similar level of fun of Hill Climb, but with new mechanics and with better rewards. The graphic style is what really differentiates their game from the competitors. Polished, cartoon, colorful, disney style, all hand drawn. What other game do you know like Time Bomb Race? Of course the main inspiration for the game was the movie “Cars”: every vehicle in the game has got a pair of eyes and a personality. Angry Birds and Tiny Wings was the inspiration for the colors of the game and the graphic style.

At the moment the team is working on a Christmas Update for Time Bomb Race and we’re sure they’re not abandoning the game very soon. Instead we will see a lot of improvement to it, so stay tuned. While they do that they’re also developing a brand new game and, believe us because we’ve tried it, it really looks like DA BOMB!

Anyway what they promised us is not to stop being very passionate about their job and not being crazy as well. Because only with a small amount of madness you can achieve the best results in a world like the mobile gaming industry. We hope for them that their name will be famous very soon because they deserve it!

Go That Table Games, with wind up your tail!