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Cookie Clickers 2 gets new minigame (Cookie Dozer) + new levels!

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As you know, here at redBit we are always trying to find ways to improve our games and provide regular updates to our fan favorites (Jelly Juice, Pocket Rush, Cookie Clickers, and Cookie Clickers 2). However, the question always remains: how can we make a great game even greater?

If you’re a Cookie Clickers 2 fan, you’ve probably already seen its newest mini-game the “Cookie Dozer”, though you might not know what went into to creating it… Cookie Clickers 2 is one of redBit’s oldest and most popular games, so here in the office we are often faced with the challenge: how can we keep a game fresh and exciting while still keeping true to the simple, yet compelling clicker game that fans fell in love with?

To see if I could find an answer to the question, I interviewed Massimo Guareschi, CEO and Product Manager of redBit games, to get some insight into the process of choosing and adding new features to an already successful product.

Q: What is a Cookie Dozer and how does it work?

A: “The Cookie Dozer is a game of both luck and skill, inspired by the classic arcade game the Coin Dozer. Much like the coin dozers you’d find in an arcade, in the Cookie Dozer is powered by (you guessed it) cookies. Users can strategically launch Golden Cookies into the machine with the tap of a button to try to push even more cookies and prizes into the basket at the end.”

Q: Where did you get the idea for the Cookie Dozer?

A: “Last month I took my nephew to one of his favorite arcades here in Rome, and I got inspiration from there. We realize that there are a lot of Coin Dozer apps out there, but our concept has a creative (cookie themed) spin with the added bonus that the prizes players win can be used in the game.”

Q: Why did you decide to add another mini-game to Cookie Clickers 2?

A: “The structural design of Cookie Clickers 2 has a very well-defined environment with precise rules. It’s difficult to add or remove items because we, as its designer, have so little space to maneuver. Adding a Lucky Game struck the right balance between bringing something new and fun to CC2 without detracting from the core concept of the gameplay that its users have come to know and love.”

Q: We see that the “Lucky Spin” icon is now a “Lucky Games” icon! Does that mean we might see more Lucky Games in the future?

A: “Maybe… 😉 We prioritize releasing regular updates of CC2, but a lot of what we add or change depends on the feedback from our users.”

Q: Now, just out of curiosity, which level have you reached in CC2?

A: “Even though I don’t have a lot of spare time, I’ve managed to reach level 75. I’m looking forward to play the new levels we are in the process of creating.”

… And we’re happy to say that Massimo and all of our Cookie Clicker 2 players can try these new levels today! If you haven’t already, make sure your game has been updated to the latest version so you can play the 5 NEW LEVELS we have added and try your luck at the shiny new Cookie Dozer!

Written by: Lauren H. Marketing Assistant at redBit games