New mobile game rumors: we’re developing a completely new racing game!

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  • April 15, 2016
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One of the tracks in the Country environment

There are some new mobile games coming soon on your devices! The one we’re talking about today is a completely new racing game. We interviewed the CBO of redBit games, Gabriele Achler, who will tell us more in depth about the game development and new features.

We are always eager to find out some sneak peeks of the latest news from the redBit games World. It’s exciting to get some updates on what’s concocting, isn’t it? 😉

Indeed, many new projects are in progress, some of them being really vast. The work is hectic and relentless, but also fun, of course!
This is the case of the game we’re going to talk to you about. Not much can be said though, we can only unveil that this is a casual racing game, with unique and innovative features.

To get more details about it, we asked the Project Manager and CBO of redBit games, Gabriele Achler, to answer some questions and to give us a preview of how the game will be structured.

What gameplay characteristics were the ones that convinced you to start developing this new kind of racing game?

After the adventure of Qbeat, our first 3D musical game, we did experience the power of 3D and its potentiality. We wanted to take the ability of developers to the next level, trying ourselves in the development of a casual game with innovative characteristics, both in terms of graphics, thanks to the use of polygonal art, and in terms of gameplay, thanks to the introduction of multiplayer feature with online challenges. This is an absolute change to a casual racing game. We were motivated by the desire to “raise the quality bar” of our mobile games, throwing ourselves into a completely new development adventure.

Teaser Screenshot during a race

During a race

Can you unveil to us how the game is structured?

In the first release there will be 30 playable tracks (they will become 40 at least with first update) for 4 different campaigns, characterized by spectacular graphics, and 3 game modes: single-player mode, head to head mode (with challenges) and multiplayer mode (with tournaments).

When do you think it will be released?

We are working hard to finish the development by the end of April. Onwards, there will be about one month for testing and debugging, then a soft-launch in few countries. The game will be available worldwide on both iOS and Android App Stores. For the exact release date, stay tuned! It’d be soon (fingers crossed). Indeed, we’re about to make a call to an Open Beta: so you could participate to be among the first playing the game!

Lately, many of the Top Ranked mobile games’ genre was “car racing”, all presenting unique and innovative features. What distinguishes your game from the others?

The gameplay of our product is very innovative, for two principal reasons: the first is that the game mode is one simple tap, which is very easy and makes it suitable and accessible to a very broad audience; the second is that it extensively uses 3D, not very common genre in this kind of games, and that it’s got a fresh look and pretty realistic graphics, thanks to the technique of polygons able to create suggestive and visually striking landscapes.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome during the development of the game?

The main challenge was the need to reduce the size of the graphic assets package (both 2D and 3D), to limit overall weight and allow optimal performance on different devices (even older ones). The other important challenge was game design, in finding the optimal balance between all elements, in particular trying to ensure that the UI (User Interface) was as immediate and understandable as possible to all potential users.

What compromises you had to accept to make development more accessible to the team?

As mentioned earlier, certainly the reduction of 3D graphic assets of campaigns, both to decrease development time and to focus on a smaller number of processes, to assure perfection. We also decided to give up some features such as chat and achievements, at least for this first release. Finally, we decided to give up the management of tailored-with-action sound effects, but we can assure that overall sound quality hasn’t been marred in any way. Indeed, the game’s soundtrack is one of game strengths.

If you had to describe the game with three adjectives, what would you use?

Minimal, immediate and a funny challenge!

What can we expect from this new adventure?

We have really high expectations on this game, and we believe that users will love its detailed graphics, the immediate but still challenging gameplay, and the addictive game mode, not failing to attend all challenges and tournaments. We can leave with a promise: if we receive great reviews from our users (i.e., YOU!), that will demonstrate that the game is well received and appreciated, as we believe it will, we will be open to feedback and new suggestions coming directly from the players, and willing to add new features to the game according to them. We want to make it more and more beautiful and intriguing for and with you!

Thank you and good luck with development!

Thank you and run to the fun!