Jumpy Jack

Jumpy Jack is another game in pixel art for our best players!

Jack, our protagonist, rides his skateboard and jumps through narrow spaces of red brick walls, in an endless assault caused by his skateboard’s speed. Tap your screen to make Jack jump with his skateboard, and avoid all obstacles.

As a bonus, Jack is rewarded with upgrades to his wardrobe for every five walls successfully passed.

The 10 incredible trophies that make Jack look cooler include:
– Thunderbolt T-Shirt (5 pts)
– Red Karate Bandana (10 pts)
– Heavy Metal T-Shirt (15 pts)
– Black KungFu Bandana (20 pts)
– Pro Skater Pants (25 pts)
– King of Skate Black Shirt (30pts)
– New Galaxy Skate (35pts)
– Ninja Suit (40 pts)
– RedDragon Bandana (45 pts)
– Ninja Master Belt (50 pts)