Mini Turbo GP

The race is about to start!

Mini Turbo GP is a great race game that will engage you quick! You can personalize your gameplay in many different ways, and you’ll enjoy it every time.

You can choose among 18 different tracks and 25 awesome cars for your best in-game race experience! Get the first place by challenging other cars; unlock new tracks, new pilots (bonus characters such as zombies, aliens, grandparents) with different skills, and special cars (ice cream truck, legendary 500, the Mini, old F1’s)! Start fresh with the Career Mode and become a World Champion!

Exciting features of the game include:
– Arcade Mode
– Time Attack Mode
– Knocking down race cones and crushing chickens on the tracks
– Nitro, tires, and bonus points on the tracks
– Three different controls (pad, joystick, tilt)
– A bonus game on the podium
– Facebook sharing
– In Settings, fans of retro games can also turn on or/off the visual mode of an old color TV

Enjoy online challenges:
– Race up to 10 opponents

Challenge your friends!