If you’ve enjoyed Cookie Clickers you cannot miss hours of fun and entertainment playing Pizza Clickers. If you like Italian pizza, you can enjoy yourself cooking as many pizzas as you want!

The game in itself is very simple. Kids and adults can play it on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is:
– Tap on the big margherita pizza as fast as you can to produce huge amounts of pizza’s.
– When you have enough pizza’s, buy power-ups in the shop to push up your production!

Pizza Clickers allows you to play for an indefinite amount of time so your speed skills will improve dramatically. If you’re someone who’s stressed out and need to relax your brain in a non-brainer game, then Pizza Clickers is the game for you!

The game features include:
– Active Pizza production during the night;
– You can tap with up to three fingers;
– You can buy auto-play little hands that will click for you;
– Pay chefs and grandmas to help you
– Wait for the pizza rain that regularly interfere with the game.

Become the Pizza Clickers Master, challenge your friends and be the first to cook a billion pizzas!