If you’re here it’s because something bad, very bad, happened to your Cookie Clicker game. You lost your progress, the real nightmare for every Cookie Clicker player. We know, it’s so upsetting and, well, it’s something that should not happen to anyone! Shame on redBit! Or maybe you’re fortunate enough to come here just because you wanted more information on the pop up we showed in the game without losing any cookies… lucky you!

Anyway, whatever the reason, you’re in the right place.

First thing first: DON’T PANIC!!!!!

With the latest update, we’ve freed a bad bug from its nest and a limited number of users found their Cookie Counter at 0 cookies so it looks like they’ve lost their progress (well… by “looks like”, we mean they did actually lose their progress, but we managed to save it!)

We’ve already developed another update that will fix that and will get your old score back up and running so you really don’t have to worry. What you have to do is just update the game again with the new update (that will be live in some days) WITHOUT deleting the app for any reason. We repeat: don’t delete the app!!! DON’T DO THAT! If you won’t do that… you’ll be just fine and you will have your score back very soon. BUT DON’T DELETE THE APP, ok? Is that clear? 🙂 Good!

As we said before, if you’re here just because you wanted more information we’re just so happy you didn’t have to freak out about your lost progress but we’re just asking ourselves: why you clicked on “OK” on that pop-up? No, seriously, tell us: we’re thinking of conducting a study 😉

Just a piece of advice to all of you guys: try Cookie Clickers 2! You won’t risk to lose your progress in our new game because we save it in the cloud! Kudos to us!

Happy baking everyone!