Fly like a StarFly and sting like a TechBee: interview with developers

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  • June 21, 2016
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Tiny Games staff interviews developers of StarFly, the new arcade endless with real-time multiplayer

While the internet is starting to react to the new mobile game StarFly (youtubers, reviews, etc), we decided to interview the TechBee team, the people behind the release of this “out of this world” game on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We’re talking about a racing/arcade game set in deep space where light is brought by the two stars the player controls. The aim is flying in a tunnel (a wormhole maybe?) avoiding obstacles and getting power-ups. A one-breath race that is just an appetizer to the real challenge: multiplayer mode. Once you can fly with your stars you will find addicting to play with other people in real-time and compete in the global leaderboard: who will be the first in the world every season? It can be you!

When we talk about StarFly we like to remember a quote that was very inspiring for us, a quote by the first man who was ever walked on the moon, Neil Armstrong:

Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.”


Hi Techbee. Present yourself to our public. Who are you, where are you and why you make games?

Hello. We are Techbee Software LLC. We are web and mobile apps developers. We have representations in Russia and Ukraine.

From your official site we’ve watched you’re into the web development business more than gaming one. How much professional site developing (with a client that demands a site) differs from Gamedev? Did you guys suit well in these new trousers, developing videogames?

In the very beginning we identified ourselves as web developers, but now we develop both sites and apps. We have developers for each type of work that is different, but interrelated. We really enjoy developing videogames and this is just the beginning.

About game development where you live in Russia. Is there a lot of companies trying to make a living creating videogames? Do you kinda suggest to someone who’s trying to pursue the career of game developer to come to Russia to do it and why?

Game developing isn’t popular in our region, so if someone wants to connect his life with this interesting branch, we’d suggest going to bigger cities.

Let’s talk about StarFly: when we saw the game we were very impressed: simple mechanic, astonishing graphic, multiplayer experience. We’re very honored to publish it under Tiny Games label. How did you come about the idea for this game? What’s the background of the project?

Thank you. Once, I was playing flash game Canabalt, set a new record and decided to develop a prototype of fast runner. I also wanted to experiment with 3D. Then we decided to add two symmetrical stars to make our game even more complicated 🙂 We improved and developed our prototype and tried to make a good hard runner with multiplayer. You are to judge if we succeeded.

Just present the game to our readers: how you will describe it?

Starfly is 3D tunnel endless hard runner. You are supposed to control two stars, avoiding obstacles. You can control stars with one finger, tapping left or right part of your screen. Stars fade away and you should fuel them with sparks. You can also collect sparks for acceleration and deceleration.

Try Starfly yourself! 🙂

What was the most difficult part to develop? Which were the obstacles and how did you guys overcome them?

The most difficult parts were network mode and synchronization between players. Work on multiplayer mode continues. Also we are working on the leaderboard right now.

In any developing there are some obstacles. We faced problems with correct synchronization of multiplayer mode, the result was unsatisfactory, and so we had to rewrite this part several times. And finally we succeeded.

What was your inspiration? Are you gamers yourselves, which game genre do you prefer on mobile platforms?

We prefer arcade games and strategies.

Did you find helpful to have a publisher like Tiny Games, was it good for the creation of your game (we hope it will be for the downloads of the project 🙂 )

We find it really helpful to co-work with Tiny Games, your company helped us to improve our game and gave us really useful advices. 

And we hope that StarFly will be the beginning of our fruitful collaboration.

We’d like to say thank you to every person in Tiny Games, who helped us.

Thank you for your time, just one last question, are you planning to do some other games in the future, can you give us some sort of anticipation?

Yes, we are planning new game right now. More likely it’ll be a strategy game.