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2 years of redBit Games – Happy Birthday to Us!

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Startups do not remain startups forever, and for us here at redBit games, the time has come for us to learn how to step-up on the pedestal.
As you may notice from the title of our post, we’ve just turned two years old. Babies are already on their feet at the turn of their second birthday. The fun though begins when they actually start to talk. From that point on, its impossible to stop their creativity! Here at redBit we believe we’re already on our feet, and each passing day, we’re eager to continue our work to make our voice heard to users and gamers all around the world.

In the last two years redBit games delivered joy and fun to millions of people. Now we’ve decided it was time to “learn to talk” and communicate with our users, and our blog is the perfect instrument for us to get started.
The sunny spring days in Rome are exceptional. The smell of flowers and fresh food coming from the restaurants near our offices make our working time pleasurable. Our birthday party was overwhelmed with cheers, and together with all our friends, families, colleague and fans, our joy and excitement exceeded 10 times our daily routine to let us spend a night filled with love and support to celebrate and cherish the work, we here at redBit games, have done so far. We would like to share some of the pictures of that night with you so that you can feel closer to our team, closer to the atmosphere that has brought you fun and joy the last two years (and will continue to do so for as long as it exists), even if you live on the other side of the planet. Auguri

Here is our birthday cake, as you can see Spotty was very happy to have a candle in his head

Our redBit birthday cake! As you can see Spotty holding the number 2 candle in his hand, he was very happy on this day


Our visual designer Giovanni is a perfectionist... and cream is such a big part in cakes!

Our visual designer Giovanni is a perfectionist… even with cake cream!


Time to first cut the cake and it's a job for our shareholders! Massimo (right), Giordano (center) and Francesco (left).

First its time to cut the cake, and it’s already a task for our shareholders! Massimo, Giordano,  and Francesco (from right to left).

A party in Italy is not a party without sparkling! Gabriele (left) and Massimo (right) are proud of opening the first two bottles

A party in Italy is not a party without sparks! Gabriele and Massimo are proud of opening the first two bottles of champagne!

A party is where people get fun or... where children learn something! Something from the past of videogames, something that has been forgotten too soon...

A party is not only a fun-filled drinking arena for us adults. Here at redBit children learned something valuable! Something from the old school, something that has been forgotten too soon. Arcade gaming!


Have you ever saw a princess so cute in videogames? Peach and co. are far from our retrogaming princess!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful little princess so close to an arcade video-game in the last decade? Peach and co. are far from our retrogaming princess!


The afterparty at the pub was totally in redBit style! Time to smile at the camera...

The afterparty was overwhelmed with our redBit style! Time to smile for the camera though…