2018 March

The 5 best match 3 games 2017/2018 (besides Jelly Juice)

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After a long hiatus, we’re back with a new blog entry!

We want to talk about the best new Match 3 games for mobile (and beyond) in 2017 and 2018!

Okay, we know that we’re biased! Our favorite Match 3 game is actually our own, Jelly Juice! Our original Match 3 has achieved a certain amount of success in a relatively short time, so much so that it has been included in the official Wired ranking of the six best Match 3 mobile games!

Let’s start with our own ranking, which we have based primarily on our personal preferences, but we have also focused on the more technical aspects of the games (such as the graphics and design).


+1. JELLY JUICE – redBit games

(Not actually included in this ranking, but for us the ALL-TIME TOP MATCH 3 GAME)

Jelly Juice

Fun, well-maintained, colorful, Jelly Juice is a “experimental” sort of game. We spent hours and hours (months actually) playing any and every kind of Match 3 to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every single game dynamic, taking cues and improving the gameplay: this is how Jelly Juice was born! Jelly Juice is the result of lots of work and study, but also lots of passion and fun4.6 / 5 star rating on the Google Play Store is repaying all of our efforts!

Weaknesses? Well, yes there may be a few… but we’re not telling. 😉


  1. HOMESCAPES – Playrix

What’s to say? The second chapter of the saga by Playrix, Homescapes takes us to the family villa of the famous butler, Austin. Homescapes is qualitatively excellent, has a fun gameplay and a well written story.
Opening Homescapes, we immediately noticed a big leap in the quality of the graphics in respect to Gardenscapes: the increased attention to in animations and details is impossible not to see.

Weaknesses: in the long run, the gameplay can be frustrating owing to the difficulty of the levels, not to mention the missions at some points in the game seem a bit repetitive or forced.
Another sore point for us is the story: well written, but struggling to hold up in some places… In short: Austin, what are you waiting for? Go ask Katrine out already!


  1. ANGRY BIRDS MATCH – Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Already the leader of the arcade category in the mobile gaming sector, Rovio naturally made a big entrance to the Match 3 genre and amazed everyone. Angry Birds Match is well-made, graphically impeccable and, above all, fun! It’s a nice way to pass the time and… of course… the chicks are so cute!

The only flaw is Angry Birds Match’s the lack of originality in the gameplay and of substantial innovative elements, which we especially would have expected from a large software house like Rovio.


  1. SIMON’S CAT CRUNCH TIME – Strawdog Publishing

Simple, fun, adorable. Those who love cats will be mesmerized by this Match 3 game!
Officially inspired by the famous “Simon’s Cat” videos, Simon’s Cat Crunch Time has a classic gameplay with simple graphics, though it is a little different from the usual Match 3 game; to be specific, there is obviously no lack of original and entertaining animations.

A big weakness for us is the scarcity of special events, which can result in overly linear play.


  1. MATCHINGTON MANSION – Firecraft Studios

With a dense storyline, Matchington Mansion focuses on mystery and adventure. The graphic style is nice, the animations are well done and the gameplay is very addictive. It’s impossible not to remain glued to the screen and watch all of the events unfold!

A big weakness is the extremely close resemblance to Homescapes regarding both the missions and style of the gameplay. For us, however, Matchington Mansion still makes our Top 5 of the best Match 3 games!



If you are a fan of Family Guy you can’t fail to give this game a go! As sharp and irreverent as the TV series, but without overdoing it, this Match 3 mixes a classic gameplay with funny skits that happen during game actions. In Another Freakin’ Mobile Game, Jam City changes the target of the Match 3 genre and courageously focuses on a younger crowd.

As far as weaknesses go, the framework of the gameplay does not have us entirely convinced as it is based exclusively on already shown content straight from the TV series. However the gaming experience is still very fun, so much so in fact that we rank it as one of the best Match 3 games of 2017/2018!