2015 September

How to create a trend in a saturated mobile game market?

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Today we are in the mood for some industry insight.

It is already hard to develop a good game, but it’s even harder to market it. Thousands of mobile games are published every day, and unless you are a big studio, you are most likely out of luck, and you won’t see many downloads of your game. What are you left to do? User acquisition. For example, Facebook provides you with many way to market your app through a newly-created page or directly through App Install ads. However, the rule of thumb is to pay $1 per user, and given that to gain a momentum you need thousands and thousands of your downloads, this user acquisition method is not sustainable for many indie developers. In addition to this, have you ever heard of Facebook Fraud?

So what can you do to market your game besides partnering with a big successful publisher like us? 🙂 You can find some less conventional channels. For example, YouTube: most famous youtubers have millions of fans, and if you’re skilled (and lucky) enough as a marketer, it’s possible that they will broadcast your game in one of their videos. It happened to Zombuster, that was played by PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia. After that, thousands of people are playing the zombie classic, published under our label Tiny Games:

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The effect of featuring the game in one of their video was well beyond our expectations. In addition to helping to gain active users, the appearance of Zombuster in these videos helped cross-platform marketing – now we have a #Zombuster trend on Twitter:



We augmented the Zombuster effect by implementing the communication campaign through all our own media channels with millions of followers, and we are very satisfied with the results. Creativity and careful planning are the main causes of Zombuster success.

Don’t know how to approach a youtuber with 40 million followers? Having troubles creating a strategic launch plan? Publish your app with us and our best marketing experts will work on how to make your game popular!

P.S. Zombuster is a really good game, so if you for some reason didn’t try it yet, go for it on iOS and Android!